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Creep Life Prediction Method by Using High-Temperature Indentation Creep Test
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1  Tokyo University of Science


Creep life prediction is very important to maintain safe operation of thermal power plants for a long-term period. In this study, an alternative creep life prediction method was proposed based on a relationship between creep exponent n and creep coefficient k. A high temperature indentation creep test was conducted to identify the creep exponent and creep coefficient for each specimen with different creep damage ratio. Subsequently, the relationship between the creep coefficient and creep exponent for each creep damage ratio was focused on. As a result, it was confirmed that a new parameter B introduced based on both creep coefficient and creep exponent linearly increase as the creep damage ratio increases. Furthermore, the B is uniquely determined by the creep damage ratio regardless of the temperature and stress conditions. These results indicate that the creep life can be predicted with a high accuracy using the B.

Keywords: Creep; Creep life prediction; High-temperature indentation creep test; Norton’s law; Creep exponent