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Pin-on-Plate Abrasive Wear Test For Several Composite Materials
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1  Szent Istvan University
2  University of Borås


Friction which happens between plants and soil particles with the agricultural machine parts leads to substantial losses due to wear these parts. Nowadays, polymer matrix composites are playing a great role as a replacement of some critical fast-wearing steel due to their high properties, and this replacement leads to increase the machine reliability besides better corrosion resistance and lighter construction. Five types of composite materials were suggested to replace these steel parts. We chose ESD PA6 G, HD1000, PA6E, PA6G and PA66GF30 as test materials. And two kinds of testing methods were done to test these materials. First one is a pin-on-plate test with sliding abrasive clothes, the second one is a sand slurry test which uses standard abrasive particles. In the pin-on-plate abrasive wear system, we found that PA6G was the best choice of the used polymers because it had the lowest wear rate.

Keywords: pin-on-plate – abrasive wear – composite materials