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211 Study on Compressive Damage of Polymer Bonded Explosives by In-situ Micro Computed Tomography and Digital Volume Correlation Method
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1  Institute of Chemical Materials, Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang, China


To study the three-dimensional (3D) morphological evolution of damage of the polymer bonded explosive (PBX) during compression process, the damage process of the PBX at the mesoscopic scale was analyzed. Furthermore, the damage evolution of the PBX was also deduced. The 3D deformation behavior and devolution of the internal microstructure of PBX during the in situ compression process were systematically investigated by integrating micro computed tomography (CT) imaging and digital volume correlation (DVC) method. The displacement and strain inside the PBX during the loading of down load were obtained through the DVC method. The results revealed that the strain concentration always appeared at binders between the granules before failure and led to granule internal cracking or granule edge cracking. The results further indicated that integration of micro CT and DVC technique can provide a more practical and effective method for investigating the structural features, strain, and damage mechanism of PBXs during compression process. This study has significant meaning for comprehensive investigation of the damage mechanical behavior of PBX.

Keywords: Polymer bonded explosive;Micro X-ray tomography;Digital volume correlation;In-situ compression