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125 The use of 2D and 3D high speed digital image correlation in full field strain measurements of composite materials subjected to high strain rates
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1  Ghent University


The aim of this paper is to assess and compare the performance of both high speed 2D and 3D DIC configurations in the characterization of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites in high strain rate tension in the transverse direction. The criteria for assessment were in terms of strain resolution and measuring the strain localization within the gauge section. Results showed that the high speed 3D DIC technique has lower strain resolution compared to the high speed 2D DIC technique. In addition, the analysis of the full strain fields indicated that the 3D DIC technique could accurately locate and measure the concentrations of strains within the gauge section of the tested samples.

Keywords: Composites; High strain rate; Digital image correlation; Split Hopkinson bar