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Synthesis and application of Schiff based metal complexes of thiosemicarbazide in electrochemical sensors
* 1 , 2
1  Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi 110025, India
2  Zakir Husain College, New Delhi, India


Schiff based metal complexes of thiosemicarbazide with transition metals such as Zn, Cd, Cu, Pb etc. have received much attention because of their significant electrochemical activity in Ion selective electrodes. Thiosemicarbazide based schiff base was synthesised by using acetyl-2-thiophene and thiophene-2-aldehyde in ethanol solvent. These ion selective electrodes can be employed to develop chemical sensors for sensing metal ions in solution. Performance of these sensors can be checked by measuring the effect of pH, response time, lifetime and selectivity study. These sensors found useful in potentiometric titrations and for the determination of ions in water samples.

Keywords: chemical sensor; thiosemicarbazide; schiff base
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