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The use of the Ginkgo Biloba plant and its interaction with other drugs
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1  FPB - Faculdade Internacional da Paraíba
2  UFPB - Universidade Federal da Paraíba


Introduction: The use of phytotherapic medicines is widely used, mainly as a complementary medication for patients with chronic diseases. Studies on Ginkgo biloba extract shows relevant pharmacological activities to the treatment on Alzheimer's disease, memory deficit, depression, and promising effects on cognitive functions in clinical studies. As a result, research about the interaction of Ginkgo biloba with other medicinal products has been increasing, as this may interfere with the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of several drugs, and may have serious consequences for the patient. Objective: The objective of this study is to show interactions of Ginkgo biloba with other drugs and their influence on their physiological action. Methodology: This abstract is a review that aims to collect and combine information about the interactions of Ginkgo biloba with other drugs, using bibliographic data. Results and Discussion: Studies show that administration of Ginkgo biloba combined with anticonvulsants tends to decrease the action of these drugs. Combined with antidepressants (as monoamine oxidase inhibitors) it intensifies the pharmacological action of the drug and also the side effect, such as headache, tremors and maniac outbreak. When using Ginkgo biloba with Sertraline it is reported that it may cause increased heart rate, excessive sweating, hyperthermia, muscle stiffness and agitation. The use of Ginkgo biloba with Omeprazole lower the plasma concentration of this drug, and consequently, its therapeutic effect. Conclusion: Proper use of some herbal supplements is perfectly safe and can cause benefits, but their indiscriminate or excessive use can be dangerous. With all of the above being said, the concomitant use of phytotherapic medicines such as Ginkgo biloba based combined with other drugs should be appropriately monitored.

Keywords: ginkgo biloba; pharmacological interaction; herbal remedy