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Polyphenols of chuchuhuazo (Maytenus macrocarpa bark) as antioxidant and preservative in fresh sausage.
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The aim was to make sausage ​​with addition of chuchuhuazo polyphenols (Maytenus macrocarpa) as preservative and antioxidant agent. Taking into account the health of the consumer as a priority, as it is a very consumed food in the locality and due to the nutritional properties ausage was processed; polyphenols were added as a chemical preservatives and antioxidants substitute during the mixing of the meat with the seasonings that were used as flavoring agents. As for the bromatological properties, the results showed a protein content that agrees with what is established in the INEN 1338-2012 standard. Everything indicates that the food evidenced was functional and could be conserved and processed using only substances of natural origin. The antioxidant activity was favorable in terms of the results obtained by the analytical methods of determination of total polyphenols and antioxidant activity (FOLIN, FRAP, ABTS), which found that there was a decrease in the oxidative action within the sausage as a function of time.

Keywords: Maytenus macrocarpa, Polyphenols, antioxidants, preservatives.