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Factors affecting the efficiency of two-phase extraction of flavonoids and carotenoids from Hypericum maculatum L.
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Published: 31 October 2018 by MDPI in 4th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry session ECMC-4

One of the actual problems of modern pharmacy is the creation of complex drugs and dietary supplements based on Hypericum maculatum L., which have anti-inflammatory, astringent, antispasmodic, and tonic effects.

Hypericum herb contains a complex of biologically active substances of different polarity: flavonoids (hyperoside, rutin, quercetin up to 7%), hypericin (up to 0.4%), pigments (anthocyanins), tannins (8-10%), water-soluble vitamins, choline , saponins, carotenoids (about 50 mg %), essential oil (up to 3%).

A rational plant materials use requires the development of modern technologies of the extraction process, ensuring maximum yield of biologically active substances.

One of these methods is a biphasic extraction solvents system of different polarities, such as a water-alcohol solution and vegetable oil.

This method allows, by one cycle, to simultaneously obtain two extracts, alcohol and oil, containing a complex of various hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds.

The dependence of the ratio of the polar and non-polar phases on the biologically active substances extraction from the Hypericum herb was studied.

The effectiveness of two-phase extraction was determined by the content of flavonoids in the water-alcohol phases (X%, in terms of rutin) and carotenoids in oil phases (mg%).

It was determined that a two-phase solvent system extracts a complex of biologically active substances of Hypericum maculatum L. more effectively than a sequential extraction with separate solvents of different polarities.

The polar phase enhances the processes of desorption, diffusion and phase transfer of not only hydrophilic, but also lipophilic Hypericum herb substances.

The optimal ratio of raw materials: 70% ethanol: oil, which provided the maximum yield of flavonoids and carotenoids from raw materials, was 1:10:10.

Keywords: Hypericum; flavonoid; carotenoids; two-phase extraction
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