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Sb2S3 thin films: effect of PEI polymer substrate on physical properties
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1  Research Unit: Physics of insulators and semi insulator materials, Faculty of Science of Sfax, Road of Soukra Km 3.5, B.P: 1171 3000 Sfax, University of Sfax, Tunisia


The aim of this work is to highlight the substrate effects on physical properties of antimony trisulphide (Sb2S3) thin films grown by simple chemical bath deposition. Sb2S3 thin films were deposited on glass and flexible Polyetherimide (PEI) substrates using similar deposition conditions. X-ray diffraction results indicate that both Sb2S3/glass and Sb2S3/PEI thin films are polycrystalline with orthorhombic structure. It was found that their texture and structural parameters are strongly dependent on the substrate. In fact, Sb2S3 growth on polymer substrate leads to an enhancement in surface roughness (RMS = 33 nm for Sb2S3/glass, and 116 nm for Sb2S3/PEI) and superhydrophobic character. This makes Sb2S3/PEI sought to be used in self-cleaning applications

Keywords: Sb2S3 thin films , PEI flexible substrate, Self-cleaning