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Design of an open-source monitoring system for thermodynamic analysis of buildings and systems
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1  University Politécnica of Valencia
2  Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar
3  Institut d’Investigació per a la Gestió Integrada de les Zones Costaneres (IGIC), Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).


The purpose of this project was to design and implement an autonomous system based on Arduino to monitor environmental parameters that intervene in the perception of human comforts such as temperature, humidity, and solar radiation, and use them to analyze factors related to climate control and energy efficiency in buildings.

The system was tested in laboratory conditions as well as by in situ measurements of building elements and living spaces. Some of the experiments carried out were contrasted with numerical simulations that allowed us to understand the implemented system.

The thermal and optical sensors were calibrated in the laboratory by comparison with standard probes for temperature and illuminance. The result was used to adjust the measurements and to control any possible errors due to the sensors.

Preliminary measurements were made in systems that simulate enclosures, with walls of different thermal conductivities, for comparison with computer simulations, and later measurements were performed outside the laboratory, which was contrasted with a thermodynamic simulation tool.

Additionally, it was assessed the use of the system to measure the surface evolution of thermal parameters in a space.

With the use of the system to measure real conditions and its calibration, it was possible to demonstrate its practicality and good operation. The result of this work can be the basis for an interesting alternative to systems for recording and monitoring thermodynamic variables in the field of architecture and energy efficiency for its versatility and economy.

Keywords: Arduino; Energy management; Home automation; thermal monitoring.
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