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Incidence of the use of didactic material for students with hearing disability at the basic intercultural education center of deaf
* 1, 2 , 2, 3
1  RNASA-IMEDIR, Computer Science Faculty, University of A Coruña, 15071, A Coruña, Spain
2  Universidad Estatal Amazónica
3  Universidad Regional Autónoma de los Andes UNIANDES-Puyo


The didactic material developed allows the globalized reading of the words known by the student using image / text, colors are used to differentiate vowels from consonants, handwritten text, there is a high percentage of use of images and text according to the requirements of the teachers according to the survey carried out with 86% of the use of images and 71% of the use of text, thus developing better visual skills, use of sign language videos to indicate the activities to be developed, allowing the students to interact freely and take the initiative at all times, making it easier to capture and retain information. Since there are students with total and partial hearing disabilities in the Center for Basic Intercultural Education of the Deaf, videos with sign language and audio were used based on the new official dictionary of Ecuadorian sign language in the didactic material developed, to facilitate the teaching basic vocabulary and explaining the instructions of the different activities to the students. The didactic material allows the printing of all the content, the feedback to reinforce the knowledge that the teacher imparts in the classroom, evaluate the student in each of the activities, pointing out the correct and incorrect answers. After the evaluation process of each topic, the individual scores of each activity and the final result for each student are displayed. The training gave favorable results for having fulfilled the expectations of the teachers, causing a great impact, capturing the attention of all from beginning to end, obtaining positive experiences with the realization of the didactic material, being they who have manifested to be satisfied with the results obtained. When applying the statistical method for the verification of the hypothesis, it is concluded that there is not enough evidence to accept that the use of integrated software in the elaboration of teaching material supports the teaching process in the freshmen of the Center of Intercultural Education of the Deaf.

Keywords: Didactic material, Constructor, Teaching methods