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Standardization process for urban resilience
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The adaption and implementation of resilience related approaches at urban level via standardization is the key aspect that this paper is addressing. Reframing of resilience practices through standardization will enhance the sharing of knowledge and experiences among especially urban areas.

Several theories exist to support resilience development, but putting this into practical use for example for cities or urban areas need a more end-user oriented development of supporting documents such as standards.

In this regard the European research project Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) has integrated standardization as one of the instruments to transfer the project outcomes and tools into the market, and thus to their potential end-users.

The aim of SMR is to deliver a Resilience Management Guideline that supports city decision-makers in developing and implementing resilience measures in their cities, using the five resilience building tools developed in this project. To support the development and implementation of this guideline, a series of standards called City Resilience Development has been created by conducting several open workshops.

This paper presents the criteria for selecting specific project results for their transfer into standards. It also describes a methodology of using standardization within research and innovation projects, i.e. the process of developing standards out of project results. For example, within the development of the above mentioned standards series not only the seven cities and municipalities of the SMR project were involved, but also it was through the standardization process possible to easily involve other cities and research projects. This is answering the need of the participating cities to have an exchange of experiences with other cities on their resilience challenges and resilience building activities. In the end of this process the city representatives and researchers acknowledge and commit to the standards series as they have been an essential part of its creation.

Keywords: urban resilience, city resilience, smart cities, Smart Mature Resilience, Resilience Building, Standardization, Exploitation, Dissemination, Research projects