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On smart cities, sustainability and resilience: understanding the digital city revolution
1  Director of the Urban Studio at the univeristy of Gävle and Stockholm Resilience Centre


This talk revolves around critical perspectives on the smart city digitalization and its repercussions for a resilient urban society. The talk will deal with issues regarding who will benefit from implementing the smart city model and the talk will also cover how the smart city model may interact with transformations of human behavior linked to both climate mitigation and to the resilience of intertwined infrastructure-Internet systems of the smart city whilst global warming. While applying a critical perspective, I plan also to address the potentials that may open up by the digital city revolution. For instance, it is already a fast development of using smart technologies as new planning practices and simultaneously as novel research methods. For instance ‘citizens as sensors approaches’ are now being developed rapidly. The talk will cover both what kind of new understanding of urban sustainability and resilience such technologies may bring as well as its ethical implications, including environmental justice perspectives, and how smart city technologies may affect social health and human-nature connections

Keywords: Smart City, resilience , sustainability