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Considering culture variability when implementing urban resilience
1  MINES ParisTech, PSL - Research University, CRC, Sophia - Antipolis, France


The implementation of urban resilience relies, among other mechanisms, on the communication, the coordination and the cooperation of individuals, groups of people and organizations belonging to different sub-systems of the city (government, private organizations, civil society, citizens, etc.) in routines, emergency, crisis and disaster situations. The diversity and the complexity of the cultural dimension that is to say share meanings, beliefs, assumptions, understandings, norms, values and knowledge influence individual, collective and organizational behaviours (decision-making, communication, actions, etc.) and consequently the efficiency of resilience associated-tasks.

The panel aims to contribute to the understanding of the impact of culture variability on urban resilience and its implementation with theoretical, empirical, and practical contributions.

  • Theoretical contributions objective at firstly characterizing culture variability and its effects on communication, coordination and cooperation processes. Secondly to study how culture variability influences urban resilience efficiency and implementation.
  • Empirical proposals aim to identify the role of culture variability affects individual, group and organizational behaviour during accidents and disasters.
  • Practical communications objective at proposing methodological and technological solutions for considering culture variability when designing individual, collective and organizational tasks, when assessing resilience performance, when simulating resilience situations or when defining scenarios for exercises or simulations.

The panel will contribute to the objective of the conference with considering resilience and urban systems on the perspective of the dimension of culture and with describing how to find this dimension in practices with the description of examples of methods and tools supporting resilience implementation that considered cultural variability.

Keywords: Culture, urban resilience, resilience implementation