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Urban Resilience Definitions and Principles: European perspectives
* 1 , 2
1  Gran Sasso Science Institute
2  Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain


While scholars skepticism about urban resilience has been growing during the last decade, city practitioners just started to approach the complexity of the concept. Recently a paper published by Meerow and Stults explored the different perceptions about urban resilience from the academic literature and US cities practitioners. Results highlighted that practitioners are still interpreting resilience as a concept linked to "bounce back", robustness and endurance characteristics. Herewith we explores European perspectives around the meanings and principles associated to urban resilience. We gathered more than 150 answers to a questionnaire proposed to scholars from different disciplines. Before discussing the results, we also interviewed a dozen of city practitioners, to get their point of view, and offering thus a comprehensive discussion from this research. This presentation contributes to the advances in the understanding of how the evolution of the interpretation of the concept is held by scholars and practitioners in Europe, and how this differs from other contexts.

Keywords: urban resilience; social justice; EU policy; thematic analysis