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First draft genome sequencing of the Salicola genus
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1  Center of Biotechnology of Sfax
2  Astrum Biotech at Center of Biotechnology of Sfax
3  OMICS Research Group & Facility, South Africa
4  Center of Biotechnology of Sfax and Astrum Biotech


Salicola sp. strain SBJ9 is an extremely halophilic bacterium newly isolated from a hypersaline lake in Sfax (Tunisia). It is an aerobic Gram negative bacterium, bacilli shaped and motile. The strain SBJ9 grows optimally at 150 g/l (2.57 M) NaCl, 35 °C and pH 7 and it is able to hydrolyze proteins and lipids at high salinities. Actually, Salicola genus contains only two species (S. marasensis and S. salis). This research reported the first draft genome of a bacterium belonging to Salicola and the different obtained and annotated sequences and genes. Salicola sp. strain SBJ9 genomic sequence contains 4.643.441 bp with a G+C content of 60.52%. The annotation monitored by the RAST server reveals 65 RNA sequences and 3995 coding genes including 255 and 182 sub-systems of protein metabolism and lipids, respectively. The further analysis of SBJ9 genomic sequence will clarify the ideas regarding the adaptation of the Salicola strains and their proteins to the extremely high salt concentrations and will permit the development of new bio-catalyzers for industrial applications.

Keywords: Salicola; extremely halophilic; draft genome; annotation