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The regulation of emerging technologies: is it possible to stem the tide?
1  Department of Public Law, University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Leioa, 48940, Biscay, Spain.


Legal norms, generally, go very far behind social relations. By the time a norm comes to see the light, it is quite possible that the situation that it intends to regulate has changed and this - the norm - is outdated and ineffective from its very birth. Well, let us think the more difficult is the relationship between Law and emerging technologies; since, in order for them to be effectively regulated, it is necessary that there is a noticeable degree of anticipation on the part of the legislator. The task seems unfeasible, however, we believe that it is possible and essential to find, among the international legal acquis, a minimum standard establish the margins of action of scientific work, without suppose a brake for progress.

Keywords: Emerging technologies; Convergent technologies; Law; Fundamental rights.