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Resveratrol as a possible multitarget drug for Alzheimer's Disease
1  Astrid Varela
2  Aline Ruiz


Alzheimer's Disease is considered a multifactorial and really complex disorder. Pathological mechanisms in this illness are not completely identified and actual drugs have poor effects on disease's progression. Consequently, multi-target therapeutic turns attractive in the way to find new drug options. As a result of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits add to their regulation effects in signal transduction, apoptosis pathways, and cellular differentiation, polyphenols have an enormous value as chemoprotectors in SNC diseases. Resveratrol has multiple anti-AD effects including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions in neurodegeneration disorders, reduction of Aβ production and deposition, reduction of hyper phosphorylation of tau protein, regulation of mi RNA a gene translation, modulation of estrogen-dependent receptors, regulation of cell autophagy and neurotransmissor toxicity. Despite the pharmacokinetic challenges, resveratrol is a potential drug for a multi-target therapy model.

Keywords: Allzheimer´s Disease; neruodegeneration, multitarget therapy; resveratrol;poyphenols