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Comprehensive study of a Thithonia diversifolia material using mathematical modeling
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1  Institute of Animal Science


The overall purpose of the study was describing of the component morphological behaviour of the vegetal material as Tithonia diversifolia. In this case, it was used statistical criteria for modelling, where best-fit models were selected. Different linear and non-linear models were adjusted to know the variable behavior of seedling height (cm), 100 sheet weight (g MV), total weight of plant (green matter, g) and total weight of a linear meter (g green matter), which were taken during the rainy and dry seasons in the Granma province from Cuba. The data were processed in the softwares Statistical Infostat (2001) and IBM - SPSS (V22). In the rainy season, height and weight of 1 m seedlings fitted the linear model, where higher values were reached at the 18th weeks with 174.98 cm and 4927.3 g, respectively. Moreover, weight of 100 sheets MV was adjusted to the quadratic model with a value of 220.59 g at 14th weeks. On the other hand, total weight of plant continued to increase at 18th weeks, reaching 109.70 g. (este valor no coincide con lo anterior) In the dry season, the variables presented significant adjustments for the exponential model and expressed slow behavior during the first three measurements, increasing from 10th to 18th week. Where, the weight of 100 green leaves increased to values above 300 g at 18th week. Last of all, this article reports for the first time about the growth of T. diversifolia in the eastern part of Cuba.

Keywords: Tithonia diversifolia; mathematical modeling; morphological