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Medicinal plants extract for cancer treatment
1  Universidad De La Salle Bajio, Leon, Guanajuato , Mexico.


Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, affecting child’s and adults, poor and rich, female and male. Between 30% and 50% of cancers type can be prevent with healthy lifestyle. On 2015, 8,8 million people died of cancer, this the 16% of world habitants. The economy impact of cancer is significant and still increasing. It is estimated that the total cost of cancer in 2010 was approximately of 1.16 billion dollars. Only one of five medium and low-income countries have necessary data to combat this illness. Nowadays, scientists are betting on herbal medicine for cancer and they are searching good results on this ancient’s treatments, increasing life expectancy of the patients.

Keywords: Diseases, Cancer, Medicinal plants, Cure, Agents.