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Anthracene-Oxazine based reversible ink
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1  Department of Chemistry, Hansraj College, University of Delhi, Delhi-7, India
2  Department of Chemistry, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi-7, India.


Anthracene fluorophore and an oxazine chromophore get coupled within the same molecular configuration to produce a molecular machine based receptor 1. On treatment with TFA, the oxazine closed form gets open in conjugation with the 1, 3, 3-Trimethylindoline species. This molecular change produces a bathochromic shift of 140nm directly from UV to Visible region in association with intense pink color. This molecule can be used as molecular ink to print a different colored decoration on paper. Upon addition with TEA, the colored open forms of the receptor revert to its original colorless form to rub the printed impression. Thus, the simple paper can be used for multiple times to achieve the write-read-erase strategy. This photoswitchable molecular motif can evolve many opportunities in the industry for printing purpose and huge paper consumption.

Keywords: Anthracene-Oxazine dyad; fluorophore; reversible ink;