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Graph Entropy Associated with Multilevel Atomic Excitation
1  Assiut University
2  Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Assiut 71516, Egypt. Current address: Bağlar Mahallesi, 31500 Ryhanlı, Hatay, Turkey.


A graph-model is presented to describe multilevel atomic structure. As an example, we take the double L configuration in alkali-metal atoms with hyperfine structure and nuclear spin I = 3/2, as a graph with four vertices. Links are treated as coherence. We introduce the transition matrix which describes the connectivity matrix in static graph-model. In general, the transition matrix describes spatiotemporal behavior of the dynamic graph-model. Furthermore, it describes multiple connections and self-looping of vertices. The atomic excitation is made by short pulses, in order that the hyperfine structure is well resolved. Entropy associated with the proposed dynamic graph-model is used to identify transitions as well as local stabilization in the system without invoking the energy concept of the propagated pulses.

Keywords: graph; entropy; quantum network