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Analysis of the diversity of invertebrates existing in an intervened area and a secondary forest in the canton of Pastaza
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1  Universidad Estatal Amazonica


The objective of the research was to capture and identify the diversity of invertebrates that comprise an intervened area and that of a secondary forest. Classifying them into classes and orders, to which each one of the individuals obtained in the transects belongs, comparing each specific place and analyzing the variety that each zone presents. The aggressive manifestation of anthropogenic factors has modified the existing balance in the environment, which is affecting the biodiversity of the living beings that inhabit it. One of the aspects taken into account in this research, is the most diverse group of living beings invertebrates, so we have seen the need to study the degree of disturbance in two particular sites, based on the latent diversity of each territory.

Keywords: Factores;antrópicos;perturbación;metodo;area; bosque secundario;transecto.