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A survey on rope-based ascending techniques and materials of professional arborists in Italy
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1  Department of Agriculture and Forest Science (DAFNE), University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy
2  CREA Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria


The techniques funded on rope-based access to the tree canopy (the so-called tree-climbing) have been spreading in recent years. A variety of practices such as pruning, felling of trees, cabling, phytosanitary inspections and others, can be carried out using these techniques and the methods allow to operate on trees placed in any location, resulting extremely suitable to maintain trees grown in urban environment. In Italy the number of arborists operating with rope on trees is increasing strongly. They are usually highly specialized professionals and they use specific techniques and materials. Despite the diffusion of these techniques in modern arboriculture, it is not easy to find sound ad updated information and data on them. In this work, based mainly on the answers obtained with a specific questionnaire addressed to 86 Italian professional climbers, some aspects of the applied techniques were reported. The paper shows data on professional training and formation, on the work organization, on the utilized materials and equipment and on the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE). In general, a large variety of situations are reported, a result probably linked to the fast grown of the sector in the last years.

Keywords: Urban forestry; tree-climbing; safety; arboriculture; PPE
Comments on this paper
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Dear Authors, could you kindly give me an idea in terms of application of this survey? Also generate relationships and possible influences on work capacity and skills?
Marcello Biocca
Hi Damiano,
thank you for your question. Our research was stimulated by the lack of scientific bibliography on this sector. We wish to know better the sector both from a technical and a safety point of view.
Regarding your second question, we actually cannot affect the skills and work capacity of workers with this paper! I am sorry, but I have difficult to answer to your second question, probably I did not catch it very well.
Marcello Biocca
Stay in touch with this paper because probably a video presewntation of our work will be added shortly.

Rodolfo Picchio
Session Chair comment
Dear Authors,

I congratulate you on the interesting paper presented. This work, by pointing out several aspects related to tree-climbing technologies, contributes to show an interesting meeting point between the growing attention towards green areas and trees in urban ecosystem, and the variety of workforce activities performed by professional arborists. Thanks to this interesting focus, it will be possible to have improved information available for urban tree managers, climbers and technicians, in order to allow them to adopt the most modern and constantly updated techniques in different applied contexts. I hope to read further developments of this research soon.

Session Chair

Rodolfo Picchio
Marcello Biocca
Dear Professor
thank you for your comment and for your personal support during the organization of the conference.
I confirm that this is an ongoing research. We are collecting data on this topic e we are planning to present new results in the next future.
Marcello Biocca on behalf of all authors