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Production of Monoclonal Antibodies (mAcs) Purified Anti-metalloprotease from the Venom of the Serpent Bitis arietans
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1  Development and Innovation Division, Immunochemistry Laboratory – Butantan Institute
2  Biological Quality Control – Butantan Institute
3  Development and Innovation Center - Blood Products Laboratory – Butantan Institute


The African snake Bitis arietans is of great medical importance and is found in sub-Saharan Africa and in savannas and pastures of Morocco and western Arabia. It contributes significantly to the epidemiology of snakebites in humans and animals. Poisoning is characterized by local and systemic effects, involving inflammation and hemostatic and cardiovascular disorders. Permanent disabilities and deaths are common. The lack of specific antivenoms aggravates this situation. Identifying toxins, knowing their toxic properties and developing antitoxins are the goals of emerging projects. This project aims to develop monoclonal antibodies (mAcs) anti-metalloprotease from the toxin of Bitis arietans poison. The toxin will be purified by the team and used to produce mAcs.

The main strategies used in the development of the project were: (1) use of established knowledge on the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the differentiation of B, T lymphocytes and memory plasma cells, in addition to carrying out preliminary experiments aimed at identifying points in the immunization protocols suitable for stimulating memory plasma cells. The results confer a bias of traditional biotechnology; (2) Isolate and characterize relevant toxins, develop antitoxin mAcs, isolate hypervariable regions of these mAcs, identify and sequence CDRs, model scFv antitoxins.

This project aims to develop specific mAcs for epitopes related to the toxic domains of the snake venom Bitis arietans, which will serve as sources of CDRs.

Expectations: Obtaining populations of anti-SVMP mAcs with high titers and high affinity with different anti-toxic potencies.

Keywords: Bitis arietans; metalloprotease; monoclonal antibodies; Complementarity-Determining Regions