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Effects of Electrical Stress in Solution-Processed Spin-On Glass Dielectric Films: Frequency Dependence
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1  Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla


Currently, the stability of field-effect devices based on emerging technologies is one of the most demanding research issues in terms of performance. Since solution-processed electronic devices are attracting much attention to enable low-cost flexible electronics, the reported studies of stability, seems to be conceived with arbitrary conditions. In this work, the effects of the frequency dependence of transparent dielectric based on Spin-on Glass (SOG) under electrical stress is presented. The SOG thin films were cured at 200°C in air ambient. The capacitance-voltage and capacitance-frequency characteristics were measured in Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) capacitors using the SOG thin film. In addition, electrical stress is applied to the MOS capacitors at different voltage values and during a long period of time. The results show, depending of the bias stress applied, a reversible interface charge contribution and an irreversible charge induced by interface states probably generated by the degradation of the film.

Keywords: solution-processed; electrical stress; spin-on glass