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Childless-workless-worthless:Futures and Environments of our Children
Juergen Bilger

Published: 12 November 2011 by Molecular Diversity Preservation International in Proceedings of The 1st World Sustainability Forum in The 1st World Sustainability Forum session General and Related Topics
Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 10.3390/wsf-00556
Abstract: In Europe decreasing birthrates (and ageing) and diminishing classical work employmentrates (esp. for the youth)seem to destabilise, even devaluate our future and our offspring(esp. young males).The conventional solutions "growth" appear to be more and more restricted structurally: Childlessness as consequence of womens good education, employment and contraception appears hardly reversible.Joblessness too is structurally driven by innovation, capitalisation and globalisation. Worthless, even ill feel our European children (esp sons), if thus they grow up isolated with psycho-social disturbances, marginalised from work, economics and ploitics and overburdened by debts, financial and environmental crises."Radical losers" (Enzensberger 2006) like they should cause fear (thus change) similarily to that from from other (islamic, poor, over-)populations.Other fears:f.i. of( self) extinction, of (islamic) colonisation, of (economical)pauperisation or loss of (material) power lead to the standard answer: Growth! Nevertheless environmemnt , sustainibility and posterity would profit most from these "natural" trends to schrinking population, work and consumption.
Keywords: Children, Europe, growth, work, ESP, fear, Islamic, Childless, structurally, Worthless
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