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Multiple Camera Fluorescence Detection for Real Time PCR
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1  School of Software, Hallym University; Chuncheon 4252, Korea
2  Bio-IT Research Center, Hallym University; Chuncheon 4252, Korea (registering DOI)

The general polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplifies DNA and analyzes the amplification results of the quantified DNA. Recently, real-time PCR has been developed to detect DNA amplification in various ways. The conventional camera-based system is too expensive and difficult to reduce device size. In this paper, we propose a low-cost, compact fluorescence detection system for real-time PCR systems using open platforms camera. To simplify the optics, four low-cost small cameras were fixedly placed and entire tube was divided into four quadrants to minimize the field of view. In addition, an effective image processing method was used to compensate. The proposed system measured the fluorescence detection performance on the basis of the amount of DNA using various fluorescent substances.

Keywords: real-time PCR; fluorescence detection; open platform; image processing; raspberry Pi