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Probabilistic analysis of the spatiotemporal variability of the Pugllohuma wetland using Synthetic Aperture Radar images of the Sentinel-1 Mission
* ,
1  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito 170517, Ecuador
2  Center for Research and Water Resources Studies, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito 170517, Ecuador (registering DOI)

This study presents the spatio-temporal assessment of the Pugllohuma peatland’s surface variability, a highland wetland (over 4100 m.a.s.l.) in the Sustainable water conservation area Antisana, Ecuador. This assessment provided information of the surface variability during dry and wet season. The temporal variability was investigated through the pressure, rain, relative humidity, temperature, and wind, records of two near meteorological stations, while the spatial variability was investigated through images of the Sentinel-1 mission from 2017 to 2019, as well as, elevation and slope data. Their classifications were carried out by using R programming language and Google Earth Engine, and the results were published in the UI service in Google Apps Script.

Keywords: Sentinel-1; wetland; Google Earth engine; random forest