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Tropical waves and their transit through Cuba during the period 2012-2020.
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1  National Center of Forecasts of the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba
2  Meteorology Institute
Academic Editor: Anthony Lupo


From the scientific and social point of view, the forecast of meteorological systems that affect the weather and that sometimes produce dangerous events reaches a high value. Fundamentally, during the rainy season, the transit of tropical waves through the seas adjacent to the Cuban archipelago occurs, stimulating deep convection and later the occurrence of severe local storms; that is why the general objective is to analyze the behavior of the tropical waves that passed through Cuba during the 2012-2020 period. This research will examine the most relevant characteristics of tropical waves, the associated dangerous phenomena and the number of intensification or dissipation that occurred after passing through the country. The sources of information are based on consultation of the archives of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology and the National Hurricane Center of the United States. In order to obtain the frequency of incidents of these systems for years, months and tens, the Microsoft Excel version 2019 program was extracted, as well as for the graphical presentation and calculation of statistics. The main results obtained were: a chronology of tropical waves in the period 2012-2020; of the 579 waves that formed in the Atlantic, 323 passed through Cuba; the African coasts and the eastern Atlantic is the area with the greatest formation of tropical waves with more than 50% of the total that reached the territory; most were classified as “active” moving at speeds between 15-25 km/h; 305 waves arrived in the eastern half and 219 in the western half. It is concluded that the activity of tropical waves during the years 2012-2020 was higher by 28% than that of the period 2003-2011. The results obtained contribute to the expansion of knowledge on Tropical Meteorology and to a better effectiveness in the meteorological forecast related to these systems.

Keywords: tropical waves, rainy period, severe local storms, intense rains.