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Influence of printing parameters on the dimensional accuracy of concave/convex objects in FDM printing
, *
1  Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics
2  Virtual Institute of Applied Research on Advanced Materials (VIARAM)
Academic Editor: Nunzio Cennamo


3D printing belongs to the emerging technologies of our time. An important aspect regarding the potential applications of 3D printed objects is their dimensional accuracy. Especially in case of the most often used fused deposition modeling (FDM) technique, dimensional differences between the digital model and the printed object are common and depend not only on the printer’s accuracy, but also on the printing parameters as well as the chosen material. Here we report on the dimensional accuracy of FDM printed objects with sharp inner or outer corners, dependent on the printing parameters. We show that different adhesion assistants lead to a variation of the dimensional accuracy and can this be used to optimize this parameter.

Keywords: 3D printing; fused deposition modeling (FDM); angular accuracy; dimensional accuracy