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1  PhD candidate in Geography and Territorial Planning at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH-NOVA)
Academic Editor: Tomeu Rigo (registering DOI)

The Municipality of Florianópolis is located in the State of Santa Catarina (SC), at the South Region of Brazil, in the coastal zone. The place is considered the capital of the State or Island of Santa Catarina. According to the census accomplished out in 2022 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics the Municipality had 537.217 habitants, being the second most populous in the State, distributed in a territorial area of 674,844 km². The State of SC is recognized by the numbers of disasters that frequently occurs, whether caused by precipitations – such as flood or drought, the landslides, windstorms, hail and even the occurrence of the first storm in the South Atlantic Ocean – Hurricane Catarina. As described by Monteiro (2001) the State is one of those with the best precipitation distribution when were compere with the other States in Brazil, this happens because to a series of factors and different situations as cold fronts, the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ), the medium level troughs, maritime circulation, tropical convection, cyclonic vortices and the relief.

The municipality’s economy is based on tourism with several tourist attractions and beaches, in the technology sector, commerce, civil constructions, mariculture and aquaculture. In accordance with Murara (2012) the average annual rainfall of Florianopolis is 1.734 mm. This study pretends to analyze and show the precipitation rates – high or not, which triggered the flooding episodes, that took place in December 2022 in the Municipality of Florianopolis, in addition to compare with other extremes situations recorded previously. For this, information and data were collected at the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET), satellites images, synoptics charts, facts on the Civil Defense website, as well as photographs and images belonging to state and municipal newspapers.

Keywords: Precipitation; Flood; Santa Catarina; Florianópolis.