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Testing Potential Chitosan Hydrogels for 3D Printing
* 1 , 1, 2 , 3 , 1 , 1
1  1 - Research Institute for Medicines (iMed.ULisboa), Faculty of Pharmacy, Universidade de Lisboa, Avenida Prof. Gama Pinto, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal;
2  2 - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Campus de Caparica, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal;
3  3 - Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Educacionais (CIED), Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Campus de Benfica do IPL, 1549-003 Lisboa, Portugal;
Academic Editor: Alfredo Berzal-Herranz

Published: 01 November 2023 by MDPI in 9th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry session General (registering DOI)

Nowadays 3D printing technology has been rising worldwide, due to its diversity, high customization, and the ability to adapt to different needs, making 3D printing technology a revolutionary approach. This technology can be used in several different fields, including in a healthcare setting. Despite the different types of 3D printing technologies and materials that can be used to print 3D objects, finding the right material and technique to use can be challenging. The materials need to have certain characteristics to be used in humans, and finding the right material for the right technique can be time and cost consuming. Chitosan is a natural polymer and one of the most abundant in nature. It is well known for its non-toxicity and biocompatibility, making this polymer a material of interest for 3D printing in healthcare. The aim of this study is to understand if it is possible to use chitosan-based hydrogels as inks for a 3D printing process and assess which parameters are needed to optimize the process. Chitosan-based hydrogels at different concentrations were produced and used as inks in a 3D extrusion method. An optimization study was conducted to find out which parameters are responsible for optimizing the process. Using the chitosan hydrogels, several scaffolds were printed and evaluated through a visual analysis. The chitosan hydrogels demonstrated potential to be used as inks in a 3D printing process.

Keywords: 3D Printing; Chitosan; Hydrogels; Optimization;