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Temporal variations of mixing layer in rural environment according to different cloud conditions using a Campbell ceilometer CS135: Preliminary results
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1  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Aerospace Science & Technology
Academic Editor: Riccardo Buccolieri


The mixed layer height (MLH) is an important parameter of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) because it significantly affects the transportation and dispersion processes of pollutants emitted from different sources. Its estimation can be identified by different physical indicators. Automatic lidar-ceilometers ALC) with their compact design, and the high range resolution (∼10 m) make them advantageous to many of the alternative systems for the MLH estimation.

The scope of the study is to analyze the variations of the MLH under different cloud conditions in daily and monthly basis. For this scope the data of the first five months from the Campbell ceilometer CS135 were analyzed. The instrument is operating in a rural place of Euboia Island (Greece) and the study presents preliminary results about the atmospheric profile of this area which is also related with the air transport of the largest airport in Greece (Athens airport).

Keywords: ceilometer; mixing layer height; air pollution; cloud conditions; atmospheric profile
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