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Microwave assisted synthesis, characterisation, and biological activity of new copper (II) complex with sulfonamide
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1  Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry, Synthesis of Biomolecules and Molecular Modelling Group, Department of Chemistry, Sciences Faculty, Badji-Mokhtar-Annaba University, Box 12, 23000 Annaba, Algeria
Academic Editor: Julio A. Seijas


Sulfonamide derivatives hold a significant place in therapeutic applications. They have proven to be valuable precursors for synthesizing a variety of medicinal agents [1]. This class of compounds is crucial as antibiotics due to their broad spectrum of antibacterial activity [2], antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo [3], and their potential as antineoplastic agents. On the other hand, complexes containing copper (II) have garnered significant attention because of their outstanding biological and catalytic properties [4]. In recent years, research in this field has rapidly advanced, particularly in the context of coordination organic molecules [5]. Furthermore, metal-sulfonamides have been gaining increasing attention due to their antimicrobial activity.

The objective of this work is to synthesize an organometallic complex based on an sulfonamide derivative ligand; for that purpose, detailed experimental (FT-IR, UV–vis, XDR) and biological activity are conducted. The synthesis of this complex was accomplished via a novel eco-friendly method employing microwave irradiation. The desired complex obtained, as a green powder in 75% yield.

Keywords: Microwave; sulfonamide; complex,