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Synthesis and Photophysics of New Benzophenoxazine Derivatives Fused with Julolidine
Abstract: Labeling is one of the most common techniques used in cell imaging and analytical purposes. Benzophenoxazinium dyes are utilized as markers due to their several interesting properties. They exhibit intense long-wavelength absorption and emission at about 650 nm. Hence, they are used as potential candidates for dyeing paper and fiber stuff. Moreover, they are useful as photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy, antitubercolastatic or anticancerogenic agents. In continuation of our research interests with Nile blue derivatives, the present work describes the synthesis of new benzophenoxazinium fused julolidine derivatives. The photophysical studies in ethanol and water medium will be discussed. Fluoroscence quantum yield and acid-base equilibrium will also be determined.
Keywords: Nile blue; Julolidine; Benzophenoxazinium dyes; NIR probes; acid-base equilibrium