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371 Dynamic and Quasi-Static Testing and Modeling of Hot Stamped Tailor-Welded Axial Crush Rails
1  Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, Canada


In the current research, the use of tailor-welded blanks (TWBs) comprising Usibor® 1500-AS laser welded to more ductile Ductibor® 500-AS is considered. The TWBs were hot stamped to form top-hat cross-section channels with axially tailored properties. Axial crush rails were assembled by spot welding together two of these hot stamped channels along their flanges. The tailored rails were crush tested under dynamic (crash) and quasi-static conditions using an 855 kg crash sled facility at 10.6 m/s impact speed, and a 670 kN servo-hydraulic press at 0.5 mm/s, respectively. Non-tailored channels composed entirely of Ductibor® 500-AS were also tested for base material characterization and as a comparison to the tailored conditions. Numerical models of the crash experiments were developed. The material models include measured fracture loci using the generalized incremental stress state dependent damage model (GISSMO), with rate sensitive constitutive behavior. Spot weld failure was also considered based on tests of spot welded coupons. The accuracy of the predicted force-displacement and energy absorption response, extent of parent metal cracking, and extent of weld failure are evaluated in comparison to the experiments. The difference in response between quasi-static and dynamic testing is also evaluated.

Keywords: Hot stamping; Tailor-welded blanks; Axial crush; Quasi-static crush; Dynamic crush