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40 An Innovative Circular Ring Method for Measuring Young’s Modulus of Thin Flexible Multi-layered Materials
1  Meijo University


An innovative mechanical testing method (Compressive Circular Ring Method) is provided for measuring Young’s modulus of each layer in a flexible multi-layered material. The method is based on a nonlinear large deformation theory. By just measuring the vertical displacement or the horizontal displacement of the ring, Young’s modulus of each layer can be easily obtained for various thin multi-layered materials. Measurements were carried out on an electrodeposited two-layered wire. The results confirm that the new method is suitable for flexible multi-layered thin wires. In the meantime, the new method can be applied widely to measure Young’s modulus of thin layers formed by PVD, CVD, Coating, Paint, Cladding, Lamination, and others.

Keywords: Young’s Modulus; Multi-layered material; Circular ring; Large deformation