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Wind tunnel experiment research on geometrical nonlinear effect of high-aspect-ratio aircraft
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In this paper, a wind tunnel experiment model for elastic aircraft with high-aspect-ratio is designed. The numerical simulation method is used to predict the state of the wind tunnel experiment, and the low-speed wind tunnel experiment is carried out. The purpose of this study is to verify the effect of geometric nonlinearity on the aerodynamic force of aircraft with high-aspect-ratio, and to obtain the aeroelastic trim parameters and influence of elastic deformation on aerodynamic forces. Some parts of the model are fabricated by 3-D print using nylon to reduce weight. The aircraft aeroelastic deformation is measured using the principle of binocular vision measurement, aerodynamic is measured using balance and angle of attack is measured using attack angle sensor. the elastic deformation is simulated coupled CFD method and finite state induced inflow aerodynamic model with geometrical exact intrinsic beam model which can accurately describe the geometrical nonlinear effect of high-aspect-ratio wing. By comparing the experimental data and numerical simulation results, the the influence of geometric nonlinear effect on aerodynamic force is quantitatively evaluated. Research show that the wind tunnel experiment device and supporting measurement device built for high aspect ratio aircraft can effectively acquire the influence of geometric nonlinearity on aircraft aerodynamic force.

Keywords: wind tunnel experiment; aeroelastic; 3-D print geometric nonlinearity; high-aspect-ratio