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Development of polysilane-inserted perovskite solar cells
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1  The University of Shiga Prefecture
2  Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Perovskite solar cells, in which decaphenylcyclopentasilane (DPPS) layers were formed on the surface of the CH3NH3PbI3-bsaed perovskite layer, were developed. The photovoltaic properties were improved by controlling the annealing temperature of the perovskite layer. For perovskite layers annealed at high temperatures in the range of 170~220 °C, the perovskite crystals were densely formed and the surface coverage of the perovskite layer was improved. The DPPS-laminated devices suppressed the formation of PbI2 crystals and the stability was improved by the DPPS layer. Furthermore, the conversion efficiencies were improved over extended periods of time.

Keywords: polysilane; decaphenylcyclopentasilane; perovskite; solar cell; photovoltaic device; formamidinium; potassium