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The 19th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry

01/11/2015 - 30/11/2015
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Welcome from the Chairs

Welcome to the 19th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Electronic conferences on synthetic organic chemistry (ECSOC) are a series of conferences maintained through the internet since 1997, an original initiative by MDPI, and later consolidated with the contribution of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Nowadays it constitutes the first and oldest electronic conference in the world. It maintains its character of free participation, with contributions considered as preliminary reports on edge achievements, and registration as a distinctive standard of the world wide web open access character.

It covers different sections of organic synthesis:

A. General Organic Synthesis

B. Bioorganic, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry

C. Microwave Assisted Synthesis

D. Polymer and Supramolecular Chemistry

E. Computational Chemistry

F. Ionic Liquids

Conference Chairs

Julio A. Seijas

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


Lucy Lu



List of accepted submissions (103)

Title Authors Poster
A simple, convenient three component one-pot procedure for the synthesis of benzimidazolo-quinazolinone derivatives in the presence Silica-based sulfonic acid (MCM-41-SO3H): a efficient and practical catalyst

Mohammad Reza Naimi-Jamal Maryam Karimi

Submitted: 07 Sep 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
Mohammad Reza Naimi-Jamal Maryam Karimi N/A Show Abstract
Highlight on the reactivity of PhSeZnX Bonifacio Monti Luca Sancineto Martina Palomba Luana Bagnoli Francesca Marini Eder Lenardao Claudio Santi N/A Show Abstract
Superbasic system CsOH/DMSO as a reagent for a fast one-step synthesis of symmetrical dialkyl trithiocarbonates

ali yousefi

Submitted: 17 Oct 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
ali yousefi N/A Show Abstract
A new synthesis of cellulose-based silver nanocomposite and its catalytic performance

Ali Maleki Hamed Movahed Reza Paydar

Submitted: 24 Aug 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
Ali Maleki Hamed Movahed Reza Paydar N/A Show Abstract
An efficient synthesis of bis(indolyl) methanes and N, N'-alkylidene bisamides by silzic under solvent free conditions

Hanan Soliman Ahmed Mubarak Saad Elmorsy

Submitted: 14 Oct 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
Hanan Soliman Ahmed Mubarak Saad Elmorsy N/A Show Abstract

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Julio A. Seijas
M. Pilar Vázquez Tato
Shu-Kun Lin

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