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Open Government Data Adoption and Implementation Research: A Meta-Analysis
* 1 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 1
1  Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
2  Ajman University, UAE
3  Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad , Pakistan
Academic Editor: Joaquim Ferreira (registering DOI)

Open Government Data (OGD) is catalyzed with advances in electronic government, digital technologies, and citizen’s sense of ownership over the last decade. Earlier OGD studies has applied different theoretical bases to explore organization’s behavior to adopt or implement OGD but has also produced uneven results. This study combines various theoretical bases and conducts weight and meta-analysis in OGD research. Further, an interconnected model of existing factors impacting OGD adoption or implementation is portrayed by synthesizing empirical results in OGD studies. Inconsistencies in the level of effect and significance among several factors within empirical OGD studies at organizational level (represented by decision-makers) provide the basis for conducting a weight and meta-analysis. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to carry out weight and meta-analysis of all factors for confirming their overall influence on adoption or implementation of OGD. The results of this study suggest that organizational capacity, external pressures, and organizational readiness are found to be significant factors of adoption behavior. While implementation intention, organizational arrangement, technical capacity, and organizational awareness are the significant factors of implementation behavior of OGD. The recommendations drawn from this research would help to decide if and when to use such antecedents for predicting adoption and implementation of OGD.

Keywords: Open Data; Open Government Data; Adoption; Implementation; Public Sector Organizations
Comments on this paper
Mona Almansoori
Interesting topic, it seems that the main objective of your research and methodology is serving and reducing any risk of data scraping, and it will be easier for the auditors and reviewers to assign the meaning to any new \ old findings later .
Open data usually a combination of big data and open Government data, so usually it include the data categorized as a public data only(science, media, public gov., weather, healthcare) which related to the business or governance.