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Danio rerio: A sustainable model for monitoring pollutants in the aquatic environments
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1  Aksaray University


Since the beginning of humanity, many sectors have continued to produce different chemicals. These chemicals are the main actors of environmental pollution and have become a global problem with irreversible effects in terms of single health. For this, countries have set a target of "a pollution-free planet". We need to determine target-specific strategies to both eliminate pollution and protect only health. To date, traditional methods of monitoring in receiving aquatic environments have been used and do not provide information on toxic levels of pollutants. For this reason, researchers have focused on "bio-indicator" or "bio-monitor" living things. Since organisms are in equilibrium with the aquatic environment, it can also be considered as an integrated sampling tool and may indicate potential contamination. Danio rerio (Zebrafish) is considered a promising model organism for single health studies in terms of its biological structure. This review aims to present Danio rerio's characteristics, susceptibility to environmental pollutants, and risks associated with pollutants in the aquatic environment.

Keywords: Aquatic environment; Bio-indicator; Danio rerio; Environmental pollutants