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A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF Jatropha multifida, Euphorbia hirta, AND THEIR MIXTURE ON THE GROWTH RATE OF Escherichia coli.
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1  Gulu University
Academic Editor: Chi-Fai Chau


Medicinal plants are used for treatment of many diseases all around the world. Besides, some medicines are expensive or not readily available.

The increasing prevalence of multidrug resistant strains of pathogen microorganisms constitutes an important and growing threat to the public health due to uncontrolled use of synthetic microbial antibiotics.

Because of the side effects and the resistance that Pathogenic microorganisms build against the common antibiotics; much recent attention has been made to extract the biologically active compounds which are isolated from plants in herbal medicine.

This study has been carried out in order to compare the effectiveness of two medicinal plants Jatropha multifida, Euphorbia hirta and their mixture on the growth inhibition of pathogenic Escherichia coli, the results showed that the ethanolic extracts of the mixture of two plant extracts showed highest inhibition of growth E. coli bacteria. When used independently Euphorbia hirta showed higher inhibition than Jatropha multifida.

Keywords: comparative study of growth inhibition of jatropha multifida, Euphorbia hirta, and the mixed sample on growth of E. Coli