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Abstract: A series of per-O-acetyl-b-D-glycosyl thiosemicarbazones 4 and 5 of benzaldehydes and acetophenones were obtained from reaction of per-O-acetyl-b-maltosyl thiosemicarbazide 1 with corresponding carbonyl compounds (2 and 3) in ethanol or acetic acid as solvent using microwave-assisted method. The positions of the magnetic resonance signals in their NMR spectra and the substituent's nature have been indicated by Hammett's regression. The b anomeric configuration of these thiosemicarbazones was confirmed on the basis of the coupling constant J = 9.0–9.5 Hz between proton NH-4 of thiosemicarbazone bond and proton H-1' in maltose component. Structures of thiosemicarbazones were confirmed by spectroscopic methods