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A Neural Network Application for a Lithium-ion Battery Pack State-of-Charge Estimator with Enhanced Accuracy
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1  Institute of Electrical Systems and Energy, Federal University of Itajubá, 37500-903Itajubá, Brazil

Published: 11 September 2020 by MDPI in The First World Energies Forum session Intermediate and Final Energy Use (registering DOI)

The State-of-Charge (SOC) real-time estimation plays an essential role in effective energy management. This paper proposes the use of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to design a state of charge estimator for a Graphite/LiCoO2 lithium-ion battery pack. The software MATLAB was used to develop and test several network configurations to find the ideal weights to perform the ANN. Results demonstrate that the Mean Squared Error (MSE) achieved rendered the ANN as an effective technique. Thus, it predicted the battery banks SOC values with accuracy using only voltage, current, and charge/discharge time as input.

Keywords: artificial neural networks; SOC; lithium-ion batteries; state of charge estimator
Comments on this paper
Rafael Salles
Great work!! This type of modelling for batteries can be beneficial for digital twin applications and predictive maintenance.