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International Coffee Convention 2024

Coffee in Transition

Part of the International Coffee Convention series
17–18 Oct 2024, Mannheim, Germany
Abstract Submission Deadline
30th April 2024
Abstract Acceptance Notification
30th May 2024
Full File Submission Deadline
30th June 2024

Registration Deadline
17th October 2024

Coffee, Climate Change Impacts, Sustainability, Consumer Behavior, Roasting, Farmers, Quality Control, Deforestation, Nagoya Protocol
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NEW: Submissions are now open!

"Coffee in Transition" - ICC2024 17.-18.10.2024, Mannheim, Germany

Welcome from the Chairs

Building on the momentum of ICC2023's remarkable achievements (conference report:, proceedings:, we are excited to announce the upcoming call for papers for ICC 2024, under the theme "Coffee in Transition." We welcome original research, case and policy studies, and comprehensive reviews for potential oral presentation from a wide interdisciplinary angle. This edition aims to delve deeper into the evolving facets of the coffee industry, from sustainability challenges and technological innovations to regulatory changes and health implications. By fostering a collaborative environment for experts, researchers, and industry practitioners, ICC2024 seeks to catalyze impactful discussions, share cutting-edge research, and unveil novel insights into coffee's future.

Call for submissions

  • Future Landscape of Multiple Coffee Species: Addressing "Robusta" (Canephora) Reputation, but also Racemosa, Stenophylla and other Candidate Species in the Context of Nagoya Protocol
  • Land Use and Coffee Farming Systems: Deforestation Policies, and Innovations in Coffee Fermentation and Processing Technologies
  • Advancements in Coffee Preparation and Business: A Journey from Roasting to the Perfect Café Crème
  • Coffee and Health: Exploring the Nutritional Impacts, Benefits, and Health Claim Substantiation
  • Sustainable Utilization of Coffee By-Products: Challenges and Opportunities

Aims of the ICC2024

  • The International Coffee Convention is aimed at all those involved in the coffee industry, including farmers,
    roasters, traders, coffee machine manufacturers and professionals.
  • Together with experts and colleagues, our aim is to identify challenges and offer solutions for the coffee industry.
  • It is time for real, science-based, sustainable solutions to the coffee industry's challenges.


  • The world is changing. The coffee industry is facing major challenges, largely driven by climate change, changing consumer habits, sustainability and digitalisation.
  • As an industry, we need to find answers to how coffee can be produced sustainably in the future.
  • Without true sustainability, there will be no future for coffee farmers - and without adaptation to climate change, there will be no coffee farming.
  • Scientists and practitioners from around the world and across disciplines will present the latest findings on climate change, sustainable agriculture, consumer habits and digitalisation, as well as solutions and best practices that can be applied.

Benefits / Why participate

  • Learn about the status quo of the coffee industry and how you can actively contribute to a modern and sustainable coffee future.
  • Join a unique, high-profile event in Mannheim to learn, discuss and contribute with leading experts and colleagues.
  • Get answers and hands-on solutions to the coffee industry's current and future challenges.
  • Based on cutting-edge science and research, you will learn about state-of-the-art approaches and practical solutions for the cultivation, trade, processing, and preparation of coffee.
  • Get a summary of all keynotes and video-on-demand access to all presentations.
  • Opportunity to publish your abstract in an MDPI Proceedings special issue.
  • The chance to win the Kaldi Awards for scientific work in the field of coffee science

Topics and Questions

  • What is the future of coffee growing in the face of climate change?
  • What is biodiversity and how can it help to make farming more sustainable?
  • How will the industry need to adapt to changing consumer behaviour?
  • How can coffee cultivation be made truly sustainable?
  • What do coffee by-products, production and processing mean for sustainability?
  • What are the solutions for producing coffee by-products in the short term?
  • What is the current status of novel food regulation and what are the implications for industry and trade?

Event Organizers

International Coffee Convention

Hans-Thoma-Straße 20 68163 Mannheim Germany


By fostering a collaborative environment for experts, researchers, and industry practitioners, ICC seeks to catalyze impactful discussions, share cutting-edge research, and unveil novel insights into coffee's future.


Michel Maugé

International Coffee Convention, Mannheim, Germany


35 years of experience in the operation of congress centers and 30 years of consulting and development of congress centers make him the grand seigneur of the congress industry throughout Germany and a major driving force for the congress industry.

Event Chairs

Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Agency Karlsruhe, Germany

Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain

Demus , Trieste, Italy

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

RD2 Vision, Valflaunès, France

Coffee Consulate, Mannheim, Germany

Heilbronn University, Heilbronn, Germany


Congress Registration and Recommended Hotels:

Instructions for Authors


Submissions should be made by the authors online by registering with, and using the "Submit Abstract/New Submission" function once logged into the system.

  1. Scholars interested in participating in this conference can submit their abstracts (about 200–250 words, not including references) online on this website until 30 April 2024. Abstracts should give a pertinent overview of the work. We strongly encourage authors to use the following style of structured abstracts, but without headings: (1) Background: Place the question addressed in a broad context and highlight the purpose of the study; (2) Methods: briefly describe the main methods or treatments applied; (3) Results: summarize the article’s main findings, preferably including some results data; (4) Conclusions: indicate the main conclusions or interpretations.

  2. Abstracts will be evaluated based on their scientific quality and suitability for the conference sections. All authors will be notified by 30 May 2024 regarding the acceptance of their abstract for ICC2024.

  3. Once the abstract has been accepted, the author is requested to submit their manuscript (final abstract or short proceedings paper, 3–6 pages) before 30 June 2023. Optionally, authors of accepted abstracts will be able to submit a slides presentation (in PPT) as supporting material for the paper. You can submit the manuscript by accessing My Submission.

    Note: Please kindly ensure that the proceeding paper you submit is original and unpublished. Articles with a high repetition rate and lack of novelty will NOT be accepted in the conference proceedings.

  4. The accepted abstracts or short proceedings papers will be distributed to the conference participants in the form of a booklet and will also be published as one dedicated volume in MDPI Proceedings (ISSN 2504-3900). All submissions will receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for citation purposes.

Guidelines for Abstracts and Proceedings Paper

Manuscripts for publication in the conference booklet and the dedicated volume in MDPI Proceedings (ISSN 2504-3900) should not exceed 6 pages (incl. figures, tables and references). Carefully read the rules outlined in the 'Instructions for Authors' of the Proceedings journal and ensure that your manuscript submission adheres to these guidelines.

Manuscript must be prepared using the Proceedings Microsoft Word template file (see download below).

Microsoft Word template

Word template file

For examples for Abstracts and Proceeding Papers, please check out the Proceedings of ICC2023:

Venue, Travel and Accommodation

Mannheim is now officially one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Mannheim is a mobility city - the birthplace of the bicycle, the automobile, the jet plane, the lift and the tractor. Mannheim has a wide range of cultural activities, varied gastronomy, unique parks, shopping and leisure facilities. So it's time to take a closer look at Mannheim in 2024 . We look forward to numerous participants who want to discover not only the secrets of coffee but also a special city.

The event will take place in the historic "Zeughaus" (Armory) of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums. The Mannheim Armory was built in 1777/1778 by Elector Carl Theodor as an arsenal. It was reopened in 2007 after extensive renovation work. Modern furnishings and historical ambience go hand in hand. The light installation offers a special attraction.

For accomodations see:

C5 (Toulonplatz), 68159, Mannheim, BW, Germany

The Reiss-Engelhorn Museums in the heart of Mannheim's city center not only present large exhibitions in their buildings. They also offer an exquisite ambience for events. The Florian-Waldeck-Saal is located in the historic "Zeughaus". The hall is characterized in particular by its electoral paintings.

Best way to travel here

Event Awards

Kaldi Award

Legend has it that the Abyssinian goatherd Kaldi discovered the effects of coffee. This story is common throughout the coffee industry. Legend has it that he discovered the effect of the fruit and its stimulating properties over a thousand years ago. His goats had eaten the berries from the coffee bush and then jumped around very excitedly and were unusually active.

Since 2016, the "KaldiAward" will be presented to people who have made a significant contribution to a better understanding of coffee or to the improvement of coffee through scientific work. The award is presented by Coffee Consulate. The decision on the award is made by an international, independent jury of experts. We welcome any suggestions for each of the four awards.

The Awards
Lifetime Achievement

Number of Awards Available: 1

Award for a person's life's work / lifetime achievement in the service of science for coffee

Green Coffee

Number of Awards Available: 1

Award for special achievements for scientific findings in the green coffee sector


Number of Awards Available: 1

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of roasting


Number of Awards Available: 1

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of coffee preparation

Sponsors and Partners

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