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Claudio Santi   Dr.  University Lecturer 
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Claudio Santi published an article in August 2018.
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Thomas Wirth

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School of Chemistry, Cardiff University

Claudio Santi

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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

Eder J. Lenardão

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Laboratório de Síntese Orgânica Limpa (LASOL), Centro de Ciências Químicas, Farmacêuticas e de Alimentos (CCQFA); Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel); Capão do Leão Brazil

Gelson Perin

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Laboratório de Síntese Orgânica Limpa – LASOL, CCQFA, Universidade Federal de Pelotas – UFPel, Pelotas, Brazil

Angelita M. Barcellos

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Laboratório de Síntese Orgânica Limpa - LASOL; Federal University of Pelotas - UFPel; P.O. Box 354 96010-900 Pelotas - RS Brazil

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Article 1 Read 0 Citations Zinc-Selenium reagents in organic synthesis Claudio Santi, Lucia Capoccia, Bonifacio Monti Published: 11 August 2018
Physical Sciences Reviews, doi: 10.1515/psr-2017-0129
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Article 3 Reads 1 Citation Oxone-Mediated Oxidation of Vinyl Selenides in Water Martina Palomba, Francesco Trappetti, Luana Bagnoli, Claudio... Published: 10 July 2018
doi: 10.1002/ejoc.201800498
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Article 6 Reads 0 Citations Condensation of 2-aminomethylaniline with aldehydes and ketones for the fast one-pot synthesis of a library of 1,2,3,4-t... Francesca Mangiavacchi, Leonardo Mollari, Luana Bagnoli, Fra... Published: 01 April 2018
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, doi: 10.1007/s10593-018-2292-0
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Article 5 Reads 2 Citations Selenomethoxylation of Alkenes Promoted by Oxone® Gelson Perin, Paolo Santoni, Angelita M. Barcellos, Patrick ... Published: 08 March 2018
doi: 10.1002/ejoc.201701775
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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 18 Reads 1 Citation <strong>Organoselenium Chemistry: after 200 years the "<em>Gold Rush</em>" is still open</strong> Claudio Santi, Francesca Marini, Luana Bagnoli, Luca Sancine... Published: 07 November 2017
The 21st International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, doi: 10.3390/ecsoc-21-04851
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For a long time, the main biological activity of selenium derivatives was supposed to be connected to their toxicity and some exotic theories correlated historical events to the selenium poisoning. In 1285, Marco Polo, crossing the Shanxi Province of Western China, observed an unknown intoxication of the animals on his ships (loss of hair) that later was supposed to be due to selenosis and in 1860, a US Army surgeon documented the first selenium poisoning in livestock, suggesting a fascinating theory that the horse illness that slowed General Custer's Cavalry relief may have been due to selenium intoxication. Even if nowadays, several studies have confirmed that some disorders in animals and humans are consequence of selenium bioaccumulation it is also clear that selenium is fundamental for life having the role of essential micronutrient in mammals. As direct consequence of these prejudices the research in the field was particularly slow in the past and relegated to a small number of group in the world. Only recently the knowledge acquired in 200 years of basic research are finding applications in understanding of biological models involving selenoproteins, developing of new drugs, new functionalized materials and new catalytic protocols for green chemistry. This manuscript aims to be a celebrative tribute to the 200th  "selenium birthday" presenting an overview of the contribute of our group in different field of this research, ranging from the development of new reagents for green chemistry and catalysis to the design and synthesis of novel molecules as anti-HIV and antimicrobial agents. We are strongly convinced that in the next future we can expect important discoveries from a research that produce thousand of new publications every year. Here we'll trace also where we are going to collecting some selected results recently obtained and presented by s number of our young students at 6th Workshop of the SeSRedCat Network in Wroclaw Poland 21-23 September 2017)

Article 0 Reads 1 Citation Organic Diselenides: Versatile Reagents, Precursors, and Intriguing Biologically Active Compounds Claudio Santi, Cristina Tomassini, Luca Sancineto Published: 27 September 2017
CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, doi: 10.2533/chimia.2017.592
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