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Nathir Al-Rawashdeh published an article in February 2018.
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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Department of Chemical Engineering, UAE University

Ahmed M. Soliman

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Hasnaa Sadeq

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Department of Chemistry, UAE University

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Article 3 Reads 0 Citations Graphene-Based Transparent Electrodes for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Nathir A.F. Al-Rawashdeh, Borhan A Albiss, Mo’Ath H.I. Youse... Published: 01 February 2018
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, doi: 10.1088/1757-899x/305/1/012019
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Several Zinc Oxide (ZnO) photo-anodes were prepared with different morphologies. For each morphology, two composites containing graphene oxide (GO) were prepared. ZnO sheet-flowers attained the highest efficiency among control samples, owing to the light diffraction that may be caused by such morphology. On the other hand, ZnO rods achieved lower performance than ZnO sheet-flowers, but higher than ZnO flowers, due to their porosity and structure, which may scatter light effectively. The effect of including GO in the photoanode matrix was studied and the results demonstrate a significant increase in short circuit current density (JSC). The addition of GO suggested an overall positive effect on cell performance, where samples of ZnO rods and Flowers had the most significant increase in their performance, due to the inhibition of charge recombination by GO.
Article 0 Reads 3 Citations Preparation and evaluation of new uranyl imprinted polymer electrode sensor for uranyl ion based on uranyl–carboxybezotr... Muna A. Abu-Dalo, Nathir A.F. Al-Rawashdeh, Ismaeel R. Al-Mh... Published: 01 May 2016
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, doi: 10.1016/j.snb.2015.12.076
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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 9 Reads 0 Citations Photochemistry of 9-Vinyl Substituted Anthracenes of Their Reduced Derivatives and of Diels Alder Type Adducts of 9-Viny... Hasnaa Sadeq, Thies Thiemann, John Graham, Yosef Al Jasem, B... Published: 30 October 2015
The 19th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, doi: 10.3390/ecsoc-19-a037
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The photochemistry of the vinyl substituted (E)-3-(anthran-9-yl)propenoates and (E)-9-(aroylethenyl)anthracenes as well of their reduced derivatives has been studied at lambda = 254 nm and at lambda= 352 nm. At lambda = 254 nm and lambda= 352 nm, the 9-vinyl substituted anthracenes undergo E/Z-isomerization, while their reduced derivatives undergo [4+4]-dimerisation reactions at lamda = 352 nm. An X-ray crystal structure shows the [4+4]-photoadducts to be head-to-tail. The photochemistry of cycloadducts of (E)-3-(anthran-9-yl)propenoates and (E)-9-(aroylethenyl)anthracenes with maleimides and other activated dienophiles show a number of reactions, among them retro-cleavage of the cycloadducts to the respective anthracenes.
CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 5 Reads 0 Citations Treatment of Dye-Loaded Wastewater with Activated Carbon from Date Palm Leaf Wastes Yasamin Majedi, Eman Alhilali, Mariam Al Nehayan, Arwa Rashe... Published: 11 November 2014
The 4th World Sustainability Forum, doi: 10.3390/wsf-4-d009
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The adsorption of three different dyes on similarly derived carbon materials from date palm leaves was studied. The adsorption kinetics and equilibrium data were investigated based on dyes adsorption tests. The break-through time was noted with a UV-VIS spectrometer to determine the maximum capacity of the date-palm leaf derived carbon material. The types of surface groups present on the carbon surface of the activated date palm leaf derived material were studied. Also, the adsorption will be carried out by dynamic process in a flow-through column and the dynamic adsorption capacity and breakthrough curve were determined.
CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 6 Reads 0 Citations Extended Anthracenes and Their Use as Dienes in Diels-Alder Reactions Hasnaa Sadeq, Thies Thiemann, John Graham, Yosef Al Jasem, B... Published: 03 November 2014
The 18th International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, doi: 10.3390/ecsoc-18-a045
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9-Anthranylcarbaldehydes were converted to alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates and 9-phenacylethenylanthracenes. Alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates are brominated to alkyl 9-bromoanthran-10-ylacrylate. Suzuki-reactions with arylboronic lead to alkyl 9,10-arylanthranylacrylates. The alkyl 9-anthranylacrylates and 9-phenacylethenylanthracenes were subjected to cycloaddition reactions to give the respective cycloadducts.
Article 1 Read 9 Citations Physicochemical study on microencapsulation of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin in dermal preparations Nathir A.F. Al-Rawashdeh, Khaled S. Al-Sadeh, Mohammad-Bassa... Published: 05 January 2010
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, doi: 10.3109/03639040903449738
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