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The Meandering Margin of the Meteorological Moist Tropics
Brian E. Mapes 1 , Eui Seok Chung, 1 Walter M. Hannah, 2 Hirohiko Masunaga, 3 Anthony J. Wimmers, 4 Christopher S. Velden 4
1  Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science; University of Miami; Coral Gables FL USA
2  Program for Climate Model Development and Intercomparison; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Livermore CA USA
3  Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research; Nagoya University; Nagoya Japan
4  Space Science and Engineering Center; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Madison WI USA

Published: 28 January 2018 by Wiley in Geophysical Research Letters
Wiley, Volume 45; 10.1002/2017gl076440
Keywords: bimodality, Column Water Tropics, Convective Processes, precipitable water, Regimes, Tropical convection, Water vapor
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